8 comments on “Facts about my ride

  1. Good luck Ken! Have a wonderful and safe trip.
    best wishes from your B-school buddies,
    Karen and Sean Trebach

  2. I am Peter Andersen’s old, old sister in Seattle.
    I signed up for your updates per his instructions. Didn’t realize you were starting out here.
    I was gonna offer you a hot shower at the end of your ride.
    I live on Vashon Island. An great hilly bike destination if you need a side trip which seems unlikely.
    Any how if you need any tips about the Seattle area let me know.
    My friend Kathleen owns a bike store in Fremont (very swell Seattle Neighborhood), Free Range Cycles, if you need any last minute supplies. Tell her i sent you and she may give you a deal or she may charge you extra. hard to say. Good luck with your trip

  3. All the best Ken. We are all pulling for you.
    I work with Art Tucker at Travelers. We met at the Habitat For Humanity site in Yonkers. Good Luck and don’t forget to enjoy the journey and live in the moment. Take care!

  4. Made our day stopping to take a picture of the moose and getting to talk with you for a few minutes! Good luck and Safe Travels!! We will be following along with the blog and look forward to hearing about your adventures along the way!

  5. Hi Ken, Loving the blog and tracking your adventure. What a great idea…. photos and stories each day are fantastic. Keep it up and enjoy.

  6. Ken, what an amazing physical and personal journey! Congrats – you’re in the home stretch. Stay safe, enjoy and your Hartford team looks forward to hearing about this great adventure.

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