4 comments on “Pics day 7 part 2

  1. Just wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying watching your progress. I will probably never do something like this myself. I only rode 26 Sunday but am inspired to try more and signed up for another Backroads trip because of you!

  2. Ken – what an amazing adventure. Ride hard and keep the details coming….so fun to follow, and my whole family is in awe.

  3. Hey Ken,
    I posted the following on your FB wall. Then messaged you the details. Not sure how you might receive messages so covering all bases including here! I know you are kind of busy-no need to respond just use the bed and food and contact info if you head that way 🙂

    Message on FB for you: Ken! Are you going to be heading a bit south through Bozman or staying north of there? My nephew has a bed and a meal for you if you are riding through Bozman I will message you his info. I already let him know you may or may not need it since I don’t know your exact route!

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