3 comments on “glacier pics -third set

  1. absolutely stunning. I’m in awe of the adventure and appreciate that you take the time every day to describe your journey and send the visual evidence. Would not have expected to see the snow/ice/glaciers – just spectacular. Keep it up and hope the coming downhill and the flats are good for your knee.

  2. First of all, i have enjoyed all of the notes and pictures. I have a craving for huckleberry pancakes! But, now i see that there are 3 empty beer glasses in front of you and a fourth in your hand so I now have a craving for a breakfast of huckleberry pancakes and beer! Maybe Monday morning to get the week started out right. This adventure sounds amazing. Congrats on getting through the mountains (or at least over the CD). The posts are great. Enjoying it all immensely and hope you are too. Enjoy!

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