7 comments on “War Games. With Pictures

  1. Ken, since in a prior life I was a rocket scientist and designed those puppies sitting in the ground, I would be happy to offer more details on why you should bike faster and keep your head low

  2. so grateful for your riding for our vets initiatives Ken…God bless your every pedal and second…
    JIm Killoran

  3. You’ve got some guts. Lol I don’t know if I would have stopped!!! Looking forward to the next round of pictures. Enjoy the Ritz!!

  4. Ken- The movie reference is “Spies Like Us”
    Congrats on your progress to date.
    I am an ardent follower of your journey.
    Best of luck- I hope the wind continues to blow briskly at your back.

  5. My bucket list grows everyday with all the place to see. I remember traveling on the “Going to the Sun Road” from my family car trip a long time ago. Nice to know that nothing has changed, it is road to remember. Thanks for taking us on the “ride of a lifetime”.

  6. I just checked out the map feature for the first time. Very cool to trace your route that way though your last segment looks like it was a straight north-south route. at least you didn’t go backwards!!!

    Hope the wind stays at you back!


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