14 comments on “Badlands not so bad

  1. Allways moving forward ken!!!
    Good to see you doing great , i like you new look (beard)
    Saludos from the gang , Paul. Wil , Manu. , Julio .
    By the way i will be in LBI , next week , i will stop by you place to say

  2. What a cute little doggie to keep you company! Hope it didn’t get too hot today. 🙂

  3. With that beard buddy, you are looking like the Red Sox players in winning year! Ride well! Ride strong!

  4. Hi Ken, I am enjoying your blog and-all your pictures. Keep the stories and pics coming. I am impressed with your journey, keep up the good work and may the wind always be at your back.

  5. Sounds like something out of a Ludlum thriller – they are actually building their “take over the world” device there. BTW – who’s the guy with the beard?

    Keep the posts and the pics coming. Seeing the country I never knew was out there.

  6. WOW Ken after living in New York its hard to believe what else is out there, The hills, mountains and fields are beautiful! Keep going!

  7. Had I know you loved dogs so much, I would have sent mine with you – you can even pick which size you want. I have the small size (Havanese) weighing in at 8 pounds on a good day, and the very large size (Great Pyrenees) tipping the scales at 140. Probably the Havanese would fit better in the saddle bags…..let me know where to mail him.

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