All posts for the day August 3rd, 2014

For my final blog post I want to thank a whole bunch of you.

I’m buying drinks for anyone that wants to show up Thursday at Quaker Hill Tavern in Chappaqua. I’ll be there at 5pm. The first ten people to show will be allowed to touch my beard!

I want to thank all the people that hosted me in their homes. For most of you I was a complete stranger. Your warmth and willingness to feed and bathe me (figuratively) was incredible. I hope I can return the favor….especially the bathing!

Thank you to all the people I met and hung out with along these 48 days. You made this experience so special.

Thank you to everyone that commented on my blog, sent me emails, or called me. You kept me motivated!

Special shout out to Dave P and Goose who trouble shot my blog along the way. And thank you to Marc, John and Peter for you tech support from back at Levitt-Fuirst.

Speaking of Levitt-Fuirst, I haven’t stepped foot back in the office yet, so I reserve the right to rescind this. But thank you all for holding down the fort while I was “off the grid”. I couldn’t have done this if I didn’t have complete confidence in all of you. The times I checked up with you on was usually at low points in my journey, and I needed distractions. I always find you guys very distracting!

To all my blog followers……..time for you to get a life!

Most importantly, thank you to my family. Matt, Ethan and Abby, thank you for the letters you each individually, and unbeknownst to your siblings, snuck into my bags before my journey. I have held onto them the whole time (thanks for not writing them on heavy stock paper!). Your consistent support of me during my ride was what truly kept me going. And Sue, if you weren’t in such control of our household, I would never have been able to follow my dream. Thank you. I love all of you.

Here is a link to a video from a local reporter of me dipping my bike in the ocean.

Final picture below. I am dumping water I brought from the Pacific Ocean into the Atlantic. (And of course I put my blue shirt back on for this)

Blog out!