9 comments on “Some thoughts on my adventure

  1. Ken Welcome home and Mazel Tov I enjoyed reading each of your daily adventures . See you soon. Arthur Jacobs

  2. Ken,
    Thank You for sharing your pics and stories. Also
    making us part of your adventure.
    Welcome back.

  3. All I can say is “WOW”. What an accomplishment. I didn’t know you wore a Superman Outfit under you suit. Congrats!!!! It seemed like once you made it 1/2 way it was all down hill from there, (from where I was sitting). Glad your home safe and see you soon. Joe

  4. SO happy to have been able to witness this unbelievable accomplishment. Congrats. I hope this is just the beginning of many amazing adventures for you!!!

  5. Maybe you should take SOME MOOORE TIME! Ya know, to fatten up before coming back to work, so you can fit in your suits, in lieu of a tailor, because bicycle shorts are not allowed in the office.
    …. just saying.

  6. Congrats again Ken! While you are enjoying family – and maybe missing the road, we will miss the daily blog! Looking forward to hearing the stories live over a beer.

    Enjoy LBI!

  7. I remember seeing you before you left and wishing you well. It seems like only a few days have past and you are now back safe and sound. I always knew you could do it. Your blog was very enjoyable and a fun way to start the day. Thank you for making us all a part of your excellent adventure. Now get back to work…..

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