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  1. Ken: What a feat! And once I found out about your missives, I enjoyed them greatly. Is dipping the wheel like putting the parsley in salt water?

  2. Ken: What a feat! And once I found out about your missives, I enjoyed them greatly. Is dipping the wheel like putting the parsley in salt water?

  3. Congratulations Ken! What an amazing accomplishment and terrific to have had the opportunity to share in the journey through your thoughtful blogs –

    Well done and look forward to seeing you back on the streets of Chappaqua!

  4. I have been “following you” all summer. And reading your blog and showing your pics to my Metronorth friends. It is wild to think that you were in that alternate universe, pedaling away. Very inspiring! what will you do for your encore?

  5. Way to go! What’s going to happen to the beard? Will you continue with your selfies? These are important questions that are crying out for a response. But first, enjoy your family, friends and some cake! I’ll just sit here in the dark.

  6. Ken,

    Congratulations!!! Very Impressive. I have not commented on the blog until now, (my apologies) I’m sure it helps to know that people are rooting you on. Well I certainly was and followed you every step of the way.

    Way to Go!!!! …literally and figuratively

  7. Ken CONGRATULATIONS !!!! That was one exciting ride. Thank you for all the postings.
    It has been fun reading them.

  8. Amazing! Amazing! Congrats on a phenomenal accomplishment! Thrilled that we we able to be a part of it!

  9. Congrats – glad I could participate & support, if only in a few small bits. You have all of our admiration.

  10. Well done Ken! We will all miss your daily posts. Congratulations on an amazing accomplishment. Can’t wait to talk to you about it.

  11. Congratulations Sue! Oh – and Ken as well. Though we never doubted you would make it – its been one hell of a ride. We loved hearing and reading about it all the way. I was at Julios and we were talking about you and finishing up today!

    What’s the encore?

    Enjoy your family.

  12. Woo hoo! You are done, CONGRATS! Well done, Impressive, Kudos!
    Boo hoo! You are done, you will be back in the office again! wah wah wahhhh!

    Excellent Cake!

  13. Awesome cake and even more awesome family and friends who met you at the finish line. From one of your blog addicts, make the withdrawal kind of slow- no cold turkey! Congrats

  14. Congrats Ken. Thanks for the inspiration and for sharing your story……awesome. Enjoy the time with you family. It may not be across America, but still expecting to see you a Julio’s this winter.

  15. Welcome home after a trip that seems to have met or exceeded expectations. Truly impressive, and we are grateful that you shared your daily trip thoughts – I read daily, along with many others…. I think my favorite picture is where you are throwing your bike into the Atlantic Ocean, because you never want to see that #&%&##% bike again…

    You know – Levitt Fuirst is looking for bloggers for a hush hush insurance blog they are working on. Talk to me on the down low in the office Monday… You can catch up at blog.levittfuirst.com – Shhhhhh.

    FYI, you should keep the beard.

  16. Hi Ken. Congratulations! I read your posts every night and really enjoyed sharing the experience with you. A great ride for you and everybody that you touched. Welcome home. Jeff

  17. CONGRADS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I Had to go to a vets funeral this morning, and hoped I could have been there to welcome you…
    Know how amazing this, I don’t have to tell you, just honored to know you, Jason, your employees….and I want to auction off your bike….kidding, half kiddin…
    anyway, welcome back brother! enjoy……………………….NMU across the country anywhere, homes for everyone, bikes for everyone….jim killoran

  18. Ken,

    Does this mean your mid-life crisis is over? Maybe your crisis needs more time…you know, like a ride across Europe and Asia, summit Everest. Maybe this ride was just a healthy warm-up.

    Congrats on your awesome bike ride and achievement!


  19. Way to go! Amazing ride and I look forward to hearing you tell the real story behind the story of your ‘bike trip’ for years to come. You don’t think I’m taking your blog post at face value, do you? Rock on, Iron Man!

  20. Mazel Tov Ken, you should be very proud of what you have accomplished! You did something that many of us can only dream about and in doing so, have definitely given us a push in the right direction to make those dreams come true, so thank you!! You have a beautiful family & the smiles on their faces said it for all of us, welcome home, we missed you & glad you had one hell of a ride!! Looking forward to Monday… can’t believe I just said that! By the way, I hope the beard is gone by then!!!!

  21. Congrats Ken. I’ve subscribed to the blog and have enjoyed every leg of the journey – the profound, obscure, educational and surreal – you have shared a great story through your pictures and words, and you have gained many grateful (if not jealous) followers. It’s been a truely inspirational journey. Thank you!

  22. Amazing, fantastic, epic – was the word I thought of during your into the sun ride in glacier.

    So now the entire trip is, yes EPIC!!!!

    Yes – you’ve inspired your followers, friends, family, colleagues and newfound travelers.

    Thank you for sharing this each and every day.

    Most importantly, welcome back to your family and hometown.

    So glad you got home safe and sound!!

    Can’t wait to get a firsthand in-person recap. See u soon.

  23. Hi Ken,

    Much congratulations!!! Welcome home!!! A truly incredible and remarkable accomplishment! Trying not to say how inspirational you have been to so many but that’s what you’ve been.

    Thanks for taking all of us along on your wonderful journey by your great writing and magnificent pictures. Speaking of which, the pictures of you and the family as well as completing the journey by dipping the front wheel in the Atlantic are just outstanding!

    Relax, get some rest, enjoy the family and see you back in Chappaqua.
    We’re all so proud of you. Much congratulations again –

    Best regards,

  24. Congratulations! I’m most impressed with the fact you had a goal for your 50th and you planned, developed, implemented and succeeded!!! I agree the blog ends here and the rest of us need to get going! Wonderful job – now go get a bag of potato chips, six pack of beer — a comfy couch and use Netflix for some serious binge-viewing–

  25. Congratulations Ken! We will all miss starting our day with your blog. Enjoy your homecoming with your family

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