12 comments on “The Oldest Profession

  1. So where’s the picture of Ariel? Or is that Ariel on the bicycle peddling……………

  2. Yes where is the pic of Ariel? Damn, Christie screws up all the bridges doesn’t he??

    Enjoy your last 60 miles tomorrow!!!

  3. Ok, I was a little concerned when I saw that the post about the night you spent with my wife without me was titled “The Oldest Profession.” Glad I read the rest. đŸ˜‰

    So sorry I missed you, but super happy for you as head for home. Looking forward to even more war stories in person.


  4. Almost there!! I’ve enjoyed following. Tomorrow, your last day, is my first day of my month off to do the John Muir Trail in the Sierra Nevada and then climb Mt Rainier! So I won’t be at REI to accept your thanks for the indispensable iPhone case I sold you the day before you left! Congrats.


  5. Incredible journey Ken…. memories you will have forever.
    Loved the blogs and will miss reading them.
    Enjoy your homecoming!!

  6. Welcome back Ken, Just so you know, we have had fantastic weather on weekends since you have been away…and now you arrive and it will rain. Just saying. Relax, have some fun with the family and rest those weary bones of yours.

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