3 comments on “If this is what the Alps are like, I’m never going!

  1. Ken:
    You INSPIRE! keep up the hard work, and please keep the great stories and pics coming!

  2. Your writing is a response to “my / our” posts. Incredible day, so challenging and you made it! I can’t even begin to know what it is like for you out there. I will have to hop on my bike and go around the neighborhood and then multiply that by a million…..and I wouldn’t come close to the challenge you have undertaken. I am enthralled in your adventure but I can’t quite say envious. Keep up the great job and spill whatever struggles and triumphs you have here. You will be so glad to have this diary. I am curious at some point how you get the pics of you riding away. I can’t stand the thought that you may then have to back track to pick up your camera.I feel for your legs!

  3. Ken, my legs are killing me after reading this incredible post. What a journey. can’t imagine that climb with full gear. keep the pics coming. hopefully you’ll run into a moose soon….

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