16 comments on “More pictures from Ken

  1. Ken , beautiful pictures !!!!!!
    Was great to heard from you , keep the spirit up , there will be some though day
    and some beautiful day , keep looking fore and enjoying the good ones .

    ONE DA AT A TIME!!!!!

    Be strong … Julio’s gang

  2. Spectacularly beautiful pictures! One of your great strengths Ken has always been your ingenuity. Just brilliant planning to get some guy with a SAG card to put on a goat suit and stand there posing for pictures [while undoubtedly texting with his iPhone inside the suit]. Looks like you’re off to a wonderful start! Stay safe…

  3. Ken,

    Here’s what I’ve learned from today’s pics:

    1. Biking over that mountain pass is some messed up sh!t.
    2. Biking over that mountain pass requires frequent breaks (to take pictures, not because you need the rest, obviously).
    3. Biking over that mountain pass has exhausted you to the point where you no longer have the strength to write anything.

    If you can add some pictures of you in a freezing mountain lake, that would be great fun for us back home.

    Be strong, baby!

  4. Looks like a great start to your trip. I’m excited for you. Are you planning on doing a Forest Gump and growing a really long beard during your journey? I would love to see that…

    Stay safe and enjoy the ride.

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