13 comments on “Finished my first map and first state

  1. Congrats on completing your first state! How many will you be going through on the whole route?

  2. If you were smart, you’d have dipped your tire in front of the mini Statue of Liberty, had someone take a picture, and kicked-back for the next 8 weeks.

    Congrats on taking down your first state.

  3. I been following you and all I can say is you are one crazy son of bitch . Keep on riding ..
    Very proud to call you my friend!!!

  4. Hi Ken. Love reading about and watching your progress so far. I heard Idaho potatoes are really good. Bring me home a big sack. Haha.
    Stay safe and thanks for reminding me how beautiful our country really is.

  5. I can’t tell you what you’re doing is super cool cause as my boss that would just be weird but as a not-boss, almost, sorta friend type person I would say you rock!!! Look forward to the posts everyday. Kick butt and stay safe. Make sure you have that latex glove handy, just in case!!

  6. Great start, Ken, and the daily posts give all of us a better sense of your trip. I have never once wanted to ride across the US, but these dailies give me an idea of how great it could be. I will probably pass, but appreciate that you are giving us the insight without the exhaustion.

  7. Although you said “some of these pics are from yesterday” you duplicated the Church one, that was from Day 5 “Ski School was Never this much fun” YES, I AM FOLLOWING YOU CAREFULLY and paying attention to detail. SHOCKING I KNOW, No comments LFA!
    No Duplicate pix please, I look forward to your blog and pics everyday(was a little concerned when I did not get a “New Post” Email on Friday 6-20, although it came in at 12:33am- DETAILS), and I don’t want to think that maybe this is all part of a NEW Internet Reality show. Ya know, since there is a mystery photographer, still not John Saldi; the shadow pics are cool.
    Oh and by the way, I signed you up for “Survivor” ya know the Reality Show; that should be a piece of cake(chocolate). Enjoy, stay safe, remember we did not put a chip in you and we did not buy K&R Insurance…… haha. Don’t forget to stretch(hopefully you remembered the stretch strap… since you only remembered {or planned} one pair of long pants, really?????)
    Thanks for the Adventure, Lydia …Assuming there is only one Lydia you know, if not the “No comments LFA!” is your clue!

  8. Ken, Ken, Ken, I always knew you were nuts in a great hysterical way, you always think they yr cracks before you smart them out. Your blog is just like you but in some twilight zone way, where your standing next to the statue of Lib in an Idaho lake! A very Serious Congrats to you pal to keep going and going.
    Everything is super and were all very happy for the trek of life you’re pulling. Hope you read this with yr legs up an a glass of Merlot.
    Enjoy the ride, my friend. Louie

  9. Hi Ken,

    Much congratulations on completing your first state from Washington to Idaho (I lost 3 pounds this week just following your blog every day). Loved the ‘Statue of Liberty’! The blog updates are the best – both the writing and the photography are outstanding. What you’re doing is amazing. Keep up the great work. We’re all proud of you! Most importantly Ken, stay safe –

    Best regards,

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