15 comments on “Ski school was never this much fun

  1. Great work Ken…inspiring! Love all of the blogs…keep ’em coming. Great pics also…

  2. Ken, your blogs are great and feel like I’m right next to you although I’m actually lounging with a beer on my deck – anyways, what was the “seating museum” a few days back? Do they have a sofa museum section or barcolaunger display?
    Stay safe

  3. I’m loving your ride, Ken. Per had the same trouble with flatting last year and ended up getting a new tire. He hasn’t flatted much since. Stay strong!! Kari

  4. Ken – Be careful of those lumber trucks! Trip sounds like an amazing adventure! Sounds like you are in better shape with the flat tire situation. Spencer and I had 2 flat tires last night at the Yankee game as a result of a pothole. Obviously totally different situation on so many levels as we were in our car on 149th St in the Bronx (and not as interesting to blog about) but still an annoyance just the same. Hopefully that image will give you a laugh. Keep it up. Truly inspiring! Take care and again be careful!

  5. Shower, clothes washing by hose, bathroom, outdoor outlet, wifi – life is good! Who needs cell service?!? Like everyone else, I am so enjoying your posts and look forward to them every day. Keep up the detail, including all the people you meet, whether helpful and friendly or not!

  6. I wanted to make this comment from “Liz” but my names already in here. Darn! My new addiction…Kens blog and “Where’s Ken” is way better than where’s Waldo any day.

  7. Keep up the good work. Loving the pictures.
    how many total miles so far?
    Have you been tempted to skip a day of riding yet?

  8. Looks like you’re dealing really well with your “situations”! Positive attitude is everything. Keep it up!

    -REI greg

  9. Kenny Boy!!! My 8 yr old daughter wanted to go to the swim club today. I told her that we had no way of getting there because my car was in the shop. Then I remembered my friend crossing America. I told to get her bike, pumped up the tires, and she and I biked it…making a difference from 3,500 miles away. Atta boy Ken. Ps: keep’um rollin.

  10. Ken, Thanks for the photos and this amazing journey. How physically demanding this must be. How much water do you drink a day? Your doing great!

  11. Ken,
    I thought climbing Kilimanjaro was awsome and it was, but I totally love what you are doing. What a great trip. Can’t get this in the Caribean?? Who is your camera man? I know the bathroom had to be locked…Maybe a window?
    Larry, Roofer

  12. Is that detailed enough in the name section for you? Your pictures are phenomenal but your commentary ROCKS! Love that you passed a Habitat location…..what a nice sign from the universe that you are SUPPOSED to be doing this. So proud of you my friend. And I’m thrilled to hear that your sarcasm level is being received nicely and they are throwing it right back at you……but in the department of living around corner from Clintons vs the double murderer, I think THEY win….


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