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  1. Those flap jacks look delish! Hope they were. So my question is how are you remembering everything to write….. when at work you forget things the second you leave your office. Things that make me go hmmm. (Louise, I am just wondering; Ken, she told me I was yelling at you a little because of the duplicate pix, didn’t mean too!) Looks like no one was in town, where is everybody, anybody, cars, people, cyclist? Great Pix, take care of the aches and pains early, don’t be a hero! may the wind be at your back always. Enjoy! Be safe.

  2. The flap jacks look amazing! Sorry your knee is bothering you. Make sure you put it up and ice it any chance you get.

  3. Ken your blog is great. I love hearing all of the details. Photos are terrific. Hope you knee feels better.

  4. Three things:
    1) Promise me that you said “Eureka!!!” when you got to Eureka.
    2)How do you talk about the great huckleberry pancakes that you had for breakfast and then tell us that you figure “It would be the only stop on this ride, and cyclist Mike from yesterday had told me they served decent food and had a store. Perfect breakfast stop.” I thought my kids were the only ones that had a breakfast and then a breakfast.
    3) Peter is mean and bossy and took over the LFA blog so I am going rogue. Look out for “Priscilla, Queen of Insurance and The Desert”

  5. Ken got your email today so made it a priority to start reading your blog, but could not read my iPhone well sitting in the sun drinking coffee so asked my daughter to read it out loud to me — as you can imagine, this 13 year old was not so excited about the task — but turned on Siri so now Siri is reading your blog to the both of us. We are so far impressed by your journey, was happy to see uncle roger, and enjoyed Lydia’s comment. Esme wanted to point out that sentences should not start with “And” or “But” — She is willing to edit your blog for $20/hour — what a bargain!

    Keep moving!

    PS – Ohio is flat

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