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  1. I’ve got to say I’m a little jealous of your trip (not the cycling part though!) You are meeting so many great people and seeing such beautiful places! Hope the knee eases up! Stay safe!!

  2. Ken – I hope you get to “going to the sun road”. It’s absolutely gnarly, cut right out of a vertical rock face. Suggest your leave your saddle bags off for that ride. Trust me.

    I look forward to your blog each day. Photos, photos, more photos, if you will.

    You are my hero! Yessir, I mean it.

    PS – I thought you were half way thru this journey, and sadly, thought that I’m half way thru reading your blogs. I looked at the US map, and happily, realized – you’ve got a shit ton of miles to go, and lots of blogs for me. Hehehe.

    Go baby, go, but please linger when you find a special place, glacier is one, of that, I guarantee. be safe, please.

  3. So glad you made it to Whitefish! Enjoy, enjoy. I agree with Ron to leave your “luggage” behind when you ride up Going to the Sun. David says when you get to the Visitor’s Center, take a hike to either Hidden Lake or the Garden Wall, or both. Leave a carving on a tree and we’ll look for it when we’re there in August. Have fun!

  4. Ok, so you were already staying with a doctor, did you get the knee checked? or are you waiting for a witchdoctor! NOTE this snippet of an article on Cycling Knee Pain (yep! sure did look it up) “A number of things have to be considered when addressing cycling knee pain, but the most important question will always be whether the athlete is exceeding his ability to recover. With continued over-training, adverse symptoms are bound to set in and it will only be a question of time until small nagging pains turn into serious chronic problems. Be smarter and listen to your body sooner.
    On top of that the individual anatomy of the cyclist and the bicycle fit also play a crucial role. Only when the bike is adapted to the body of the rider can cycling knee pain be prevented and performance maximized”

    Hmm….. to beautiful to go on… How does “Whitefish Fuirst Insurance” sound?!

  5. “It only hurts when I pedal” -so constantly is what you’re saying! Take a break while you can choose too and before you are forced to . For into bed and picked up my book and then said oh maybe Mourn wrote on his blog and rushed to read today’s entry

  6. All I thought of when I saw the title of this entry was “Is whitefish salad supposed to crunch?” – which is from the Odd Couple. Thought I would share.

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