6 comments on “What do you do when it rains?

  1. Great pics. Thanks for sharing. Still a few miles away but what’s your route through Pennsylvania?

  2. A few short comments.
    1) WOW! you really DO KNOW a lot of people, and NOW more, that you have met along this journey…. Getting to know Ken.
    2) How could you have forgotten about that turn? What’s on your mind? What happened to studying the maps from 1pm to 3:30 while waiting for the pass thru “Glacier National Park”?
    3) Laundromat?, really! we all know what they look like; (No Louise I was not intending to be mean, just keeping it real) I was fully expecting you to be native and scrub your skids on a rock in the water. The picture of the water in the mountains with the train tracks was the perfect place. (I’ll probably blow that up and insert you in)
    4) New phrase! Where is Waldo……… smiling?

    Thanks for the stories, pics and this adventure…… to flat lands, dry weather and easy rides! Enjoy.

  3. Read all your posts and enjoyed everyone.

    I really think your somewhere in Lake George, The trees seem familiar. lol
    I miss you….never thought I would say that….what I miss is the words FOCUS…FOCUS !

    Take care, be Safe……Didn’t Mom & Dad teach you…DON’T TALK TO STANGERS ?

    Have a good trip……….

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