12 comments on “Thank you God of Wind

  1. What a gift to have the wind at your back. I was looking at your position during the day and thought you were putting insome miles. Now we know why. Keep up the awesome work!

  2. @David I was looking for the like button. Wind week deserved and awesome rear view mirror pic

  3. We love the wind!!
    These pics look like drawings….so magnificent.
    An amazing adventure you’re having

  4. Hey Ken, What kind of camera are you using? These can’t be from an I Phone?!
    We rode 32 miles yesterday—because of you. Trying to ride farther and get in better shape. You are very inspiring!

  5. Hi Ken,

    What spectacular pictures you’ve been sending! Really incredible! Loved your wishful strategic game plan from a recent post: done with the mountains and now planning to stay in a tuck position and coast the rest of the way to the Atlantic. Sounds like a great plan. Stay safe with the wind at your back –

    Best regards,

  6. Ken, great story! I’m really enjoying all of your posts. You’re going to motivate me to dip my rear tire in the Pacific.

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