7 comments on “Thank you God of Wind pictures

  1. Next time try turning the photo sharing option off and then back on in your ipad. Sometimes that forces it to reconnect. The landscape around you is incredible. I might have to follow your route one of these days, but in a car!!

  2. Ken,
    Awesome pictures from your trip. So just checking but have you picked your town to watch the United STates Soccer team play Belgium tomorrow at 2pm MST? How often does one get to watch a World Cup in the Northern Plains while cycling?
    Great job on using the wind at your back i am certain it was not the first time!

    Jon— Go USA and Ken!

  3. Hi,

    Me again. Just wanted you to know what a great decision you made when you left Louise in charge of the office.
    We had the sand brought in today (Coral colored..of course) and beach chairs The office
    is decorated in an “Island” theme. Looks like the real thing.
    So as you’re climbing up & down Mountains, we have “Time-out” at the Beach.

    Tomorrow the grills are being brought in for our BBQ

    Love the pictures you paste…they look so real

    Stay safe…….Keep well !

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