11 comments on “Hot, Hot, Hot

  1. The part about the dog is so funny!!! I have dogs that follow me on Devoe, but at least they are close to home. : ) So impressed by your ride!!!

  2. Any “Wall Drug” signs yet?? It’s between Rapid City and Mt. Rushmore (I think). I had my first buffalo burger there. It is the midwest’s version of South of the Border. Happy riding!

  3. If the banjo’s start strumming, run!

    Thank God it wasn’t a Tuesday! That looks scary! It shall heretofore be known as Terrible Tuesdays! Be safe young man!

  4. It looks like you weren’t the only one interested in getting out of Montana! Keep it up.

  5. I was getting tired just seeing you were in Montana for so long. Hope the huskie found his way home…don’t carry any guilt you are hauling enough on the bike already. At least you didn’t run the dog over with your bike :). South. Dakota here we come…

  6. So many thoughts based on these pictures… Harsh comment Abby! At least the saloon advertises the lousy food so you know what you’re getting – places around here should do that too. And great shots of… nothing! Now we know what fills the mid-west (or is it the western mid-west?)

    BTW – LBI house is fantastic you and Sue did a great job with it.

    Keep on truckin’

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