15 comments on “Can’t go around it, can’t go under it, got to go over it

  1. Hard to believe we are sitting at a Yankee game reading this. What a parallel world.
    We will ride a little farther Sunday, and a little harder too. Will be thinking of you.
    Very inspiring!

  2. Way to go Ken! Loving your posts and following the trip closely. Keep up the hard riding and adventure. In awe from the east coast (and a desk) – Bart

  3. The beard is coming in nicely and you already look like you have lost a lot of weight. Start eating a couple of cheeseburgers– you can afford the calories.

  4. Ken
    It is my pleasure to know a guy like you!,
    Keep at it ….I have no doubt you will complete your journey


  5. It was a pleasure meeting you and helping you on your way. We feel fortunate to be able to share our Warmshowers guest’s adventures. I’m glad your day over the Loup was a little shorter and easier than the grinder over Rainy and Washington Passes. May the wind stay at your back. We will be following along (virtually).

  6. Spectacukar, Ken. All that preparation with logistics, practicing with that fully packed bike (“hello!” In Rye) and time at the Dobbs Ferry gym is paying off. You’ve really earned this adventure; enjoy it, and thank you for continuing to share it.

  7. Enjoy the nice rolling hills before the Rockies! The perfect break before another gorgeous mountain range!

  8. Hi Ken, great to see you made it over Rainy and Washington Passes! We are the couple that you met struggling up from the Diablo Lake Valley. We ended up camping about 8 miles from Rainy Pass because we were out of leg and lung power. The following morning we reached the Swamp Creek turnout and were resting when Peter, one of the owners of the Methow Valley Inn offered us a ride over the passes and into the valley. We accepted gladly as we were out of food and out of energy.
    We stayed the night at the inn and are going to get a ride over Loup Loup. We will ride into Omak and rent a one way Uhaul to drive over the passes. We met our limits, which is disappointing but we still want to be on track to finish the whole route. Maybe we’ll see you again if we get ahead of you with our driving. You will pass us again, I’m sure. Keep up your awesome riding!

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