15 comments on “It is all about pacing myself

  1. Ken: I read your journal entries every night.
    They have turned into a book that I look
    forward to paging thru just as I am about to hit the

    Thank You for that….

    Rock on with your bad self….

  2. Seriously, WHO is taking the pictures of you? I want to know, Uncle Mike want’s to know, WE ALL WANT TO KNOW! Ditto! with Kathleen McD, so look forward to your stories.
    Hey, look at the Owl…. Lucky?!

  3. Tell everyone the truth Ken, I’m following you with your car and the camera and you only get on the bike to take the pics

  4. I love it that I wasn’t the only one to ask about pictures! @Kathleen I am doing the same thing! I love this “book” and still can’t believe you are doing this. Maybe Texas route would have been hot but a little flatter? Don’t know how to say that without sounding de-motivating….please take as one who does more in awe and admiration.

  5. Ken- love the blog and the description of all your experiences. Can you fill us in on how your body is adjusting to this effort. Food, sleep, aches and pains or lack thereof, energy levels etc?

  6. I find your pictures and stories so interesting….though not so much that I’d want to do what you’re doing.. Sounds like the adventure of a lifetime and I’m sure you’ll come home with lots of stories.

  7. My concern is all of these children that you keep asking for directions…….have they never heard of “stranger danger”??? Stop stuffing the smaller ones in your saddle bags and the trip up the mountain will not be so hard on your thighs.

  8. Already less than a week into things, you need to write a book… or at least a coffee table glossy with your photos. It’s gotta be inspiring. Can’t wait for the next post. Very envious.

  9. Soooo….being that today is “take your dog to work day” and I am in charge……
    My Great Pyrenees fought off all lions, tiger and bears, oh my.
    My Havanese brought everyone in illegal cigars
    Melissa’s Chihuahua took us for tacos
    Peter’s boxer got his friends together for a poker game
    And we all peed in your office.
    Happy Trails to you……

  10. Awesome story and great pics. Looks like you’ll need to shave soon!! hahaha!
    Good luck and be safe!

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