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  1. Ken, I can’t get over what nice people you have been meeting along the way. New Rochelle??? Talk about a small world! Beautiful house and what looks like a beautiful family. Lucky you having such an incredible experience. I look forward to all your emails and love the pictures, keep em coming!!!!

  2. Ken – Love following your adventure. You could not be in a better place in MT, or with better hosts! So jealous you’re there with Gaye & Joel. Enjoy!

  3. Golf? Did you bring your sticks? This reminds me of an old golf joke:

    A man stranded on a tropical island is amazed to see a gorgeous female scuba diver walking out of the water in a very low-cut wet suit. He runs to greet her and tells her he hasn’t seen another human in five years.

    “Sounds like you could use a drink,” she says as she unzips one of her pockets and offers the man a flask of 12 year old Scotch.

    “That’s the best drink I’ve ever had!” he exclaims.

    “Would you like a smoke?” she asks as she unzips another pocket on her suit and offers the man a Cuban cigar.

    “This must be the best cigar in the world!” he shouts as he blows smoke rings in the air.

    As she begins to unzip the front of her wet suit, she asks with a wry smile, “Would you like to play around?”

    “Wow, you got golf clubs in there, too!??”

  4. Dear Ken,
    Greetings from Paris…I must say I am really enjoying your daily recaps — great perspective and photos … Am sure waffles never tasted better — keep up the great work writing and riding …almost feels like being on the ride with you … But without the soreness –

    Enjoy the ride today!

  5. Feet up
    Clean socks
    Watching soccer
    Looks like hard work!

    I’m envious

    Keep at it


  6. @Robert LOL on the golf story. @Ken makes me wonder what people do for work with out there and live still beautifully. I’ll apply for a job when you open that office out there. Great moose pictures so nice they stopped and waited for you. Great job writing everyday- you will be so glad glad you did. I could understand how much easier it would be to just flop into bed with exhaustion each day and not write. The fact you do so when your experiences are so fresh makes for great reading and “cycling” along with you.

  7. I see you make yourself at home LOL! It is amazing to hear about all the wonderful people you are meeting along the way. Make sure you don’t get to close to MR. Bullwinkle if you see him again! Glad you took a day of rest. Hope the knee is feeling better!

  8. Great photos — I’m with Pam – let’s open a western office. Don’t forget to take the Advil at night too – it will help get the inflammation down in your knee.

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