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  1. Glad things are going well. My idaho hot springs trip got cut short. I crashed on my shoulder near idaho city. Screwed it up pretty bad, cant ride with it. Had to rent a car in Boise to make it back to Sandpoint. Keep up the great work. I will finish my summer adventure via your trip.

  2. No offense to the local diner…but I imagine anything tastes fantastic after pedaling 82 miles! How are the bugs? Be safe!

  3. I now check two websites in the morning, my kids pictures from camp and your blog! Awesome job! Looking forward to hearing about the 100 miles, all the best, Giora. By the way, are you sure it was the wind that got you through all those miles at 20 mph or maybe you were just on a good day?

  4. So in all your preparation for this journey, talks with other cyclists home, and people you met along your way; possibility of birds riding alongside never came up?!
    Ya know EW always said she wanted to ride along side of you. Things that make you (me) go hmm…….
    Also is your dentist following you? Are you going through withdrawals not being able to brush every 30 min? Wondering.

    Happy trails!

  5. Ken:

    Your blog is only the second one I have really followed. First was my mother and Gina’s travel blog!

    Both my mother and father (independently) have asked for your blog site.

    Happy trails,


  6. News from home: Ok so on the subject of birds, one of your
    MKGC friend actually hit a bird with his drive. I was not there but heard it pulverized the poor bird. Now this golfer will endure birdie jokes the rest of his life. Rode 25 with Toddi today. Riding 33 tomorrow. When I hit the climb on deans corner I thought, stop complaining, this is a piece of cake. Compared to ken’s daily ride!

  7. Ken,

    I am enjoying your stories. It is great to see that your sense of humor remains intact. Riding with the birds must be a great experience. You are strong and have trained well. You can and will get this done. Enjoy the trip, you will remember this one forever.


  8. Ken – 3 weeks on the road and you are covering so much ground. Amazing. I spent one July 4th in Cheyenne, Wyoming and let’s just say a lot different than the James a Taylor concert at Tanglewood in the Berkshires……good to see you are taking in all that Americana….keep up the good work, and thanks for all the fun stories you’re sharing.

  9. Ken

    I’ve read a few of your posts! Amazing journey you are on. Wishing you a fun, informative and SAFE remainder of your trip! Xoxo – Jossy

  10. Hi Ken,

    That train whistle you heard was probably the 9:52pm from Chappaqua to Brewster (which is always very loud). Loved the ‘Prairie Dogs Study Area’ and all of the usual great pictures. Good luck on those 100 miles today in all that heat. Good idea getting a very early start.

    Stay hydrated and safe –

    Best regards,

  11. you continue to amaze me..praying for your safety on the 100 mile ride..i took a twelve mile ride yesterday and it was a challenge..yikes…each second is gift.. you are too brother..
    keep going man! just am in awe…with great gratitude for what you have done to help Veterans families lives change..and ours…

  12. I guess Chief Dull Knife didn’t last too long as Chief….
    Ken, go see Crazy Horse monument when you visit Mount Rushmore it’s not far from there at all. Great road stories, great shots of these small towns. I’m sure the population on some of these small towns is under 500?
    Be safe, pedal onward. Enjoy your day off.

  13. With all the tatoos on everyone that you are encountering, I am wondering if you are giving any thought to getting one yourself. Perhap of a tire….an inner tube…….mt. rushmore….the dog that wouldn’t leave your side or the “gift” that one of birds dropped on you….

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