All posts for the day June 12th, 2014

Here are pictures of my support team at Julio’s Bike Store packing up my bike. You will notice that they put blue tape on the bike to identify where my adjustments were set. Makes it easier for the store in WA to reassemble to my settings. You might also notice some extra screws on the floor. I probably will find out where those belong, once I start speeding down a Mountain in the Rockies!

My plan had been to ride two long rides this past weekend as I try to build strength for the trip. But as the weekend approached, I realized I had a million things to do before I leave . So then I rationalized that a better strategy would be to ride short rides and taper my training and save my energy for the real trip. The head games begin!

I also shipped out my panniers. I trained with 40lbs of rocks and towels in my bags figuring the actual gear would weigh a lot less. Well, I loaded up my panniers with my real supplies and it weighed 35 lbs. Not much savings, but at least lighter!

My flight out to Seattle is early Sun morning. I plan to start daily posts then. Don’t forget, if you are seeing this on Facebook or just receiving an email, you need to hit the link to the actual website if you want the full effect.