All posts for the day June 19th, 2014

Winthrop WA to Tonasket WA
72 miles
7 hrs travel time
5 1/2 hrs saddle time
Climbed 4,400 ft

This morning had a great breakfast at local restaurant and them started climbing. Still a little tight from yesterday, I plowed ahead. What was interesting is how dramatically different the vistas were today versus my ride thru the cascades mtns. I don’t think anything will be as beautiful as what I saw yesterday
I stopped for lunch in Riverside WA with a sandwich I had purchased at the morning restaurant. It was mile 55 for me. I called ahead to book a warm showers host. But as I biked the 15 miles to Tonasket , I missed the turn off for the host’s home. I went 3 extra miles down a hill to downtown Tonasket. I called my host and thanked her but told her I wasn’t biking 3 miles up hill in the wrong direction. My next option was the local visitor center that allows cyclists to camp in their back yard and use their bathroom. But no showers! So I moved on to a local motel for $59 a night. I did not sign up for their frequent flier program.
I’m going to walk into town and grab a bite to eat and get a good night of sleep. Tomorrow I have my last two major MTns to climb for a while. I don’t know if I will make both of them. We will see. I just have to keep praying for more of the yellow signs as the one I show below.