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Day 6
49 Degree North Ski Area WA to Sandpoint ID
67 miles
7 hours travel time
5 hours saddle time

I woke up this morning outside the closed up ski school. I made myself a Nutella sandwich for breakfast, bundled up in many layers, and biked the 15 cold miles down the mountain. Cycled another 15 miles to Newport for a heartier breakfast
As much as I knew I was cycling to Newport WA, I still kept visualizing the nautical New England Newport. So I kept telling myself to expect another typical town, but my brain still kept picturing tourists and boats. Well, part of my brain was correct, I’ll let you guess which one.
I then headed the final 30 miles to meet up in Sandpoint with Roger Alexander from my high school. I decided to take the scenic AC route which turned out to be beautiful, with wind at my back. Plus I completed my first state crossing and moved into Idaho. (Special picture for Abby).
There was a big bike ride that day in town and I was meeting Roger at the finish line. Roger works with juvenile delinquent kids and since today’s race was a fundraiser for the school systems, he was volunteering.
I pulled into town and went straight towards the bike shop, Greasy Fingers, that had my tire waiting. However, the tire they had waiting wasn’t foldable, so I couldn’t pack it away as my back up tire. And the fix from yesterday’s tune up (pic of Ben posted today) seemed to solve my tire problem so I didn’t want to mess with what is working. They did have a foldable tire in a slightly smaller width, that I purchased for now. I’m going to try to contact a bike store a few stops up on my journey to see if they can order the right one
Then I met Roger and his delightful 5th grade son Conner at the finish line (which I got to cross). I ate three pulled pork and brisket sandwiches at the post race party and then we went to visit the Statue of Liberty.
Roger has 6 children, so staying with him wasn’t a possibility. He hooked me up with his close friend Jim, who is a big cyclist. Jim is about to go on a few hundred mile mtn bike ride down the state of Idaho. I had dinner with Jim, his wife Lisa, and their adorable 4th grade daughter Margo. Lisa showed me how to hypnotize chickens ( they have a bunch running around). Margo and Conner shot bbs and sling shots at different targets as us parents sat around discussing life in Idaho vs NY. I told them about living around the corner from the Clintons and they told me about the double murderer next door. We really had some fascinating discussions about values and priorities. Jim teaches science and Lisa teaches public speaking, both at the local HS. After a great chicken dinner, Margo performed her cups song and I went to the trailer to go to bed!
What to do tomorrow? I had planned to take the 7th day off each week to rest. This would be a great town to do it in, with some interesting people. However, my thighs are the only sore part of my body. I feel like I should press on. I think I will decide tomorrow. Maybe I’ll do an afternoon ride to move ahead 30 miles. Or maybe not!
Matt, btw, you can stop studying Darwin and the evolution of birds. Today I discovered where birds were invented!
Some of these pics are from yesterday