All posts for the day June 26th, 2014

It is pouring and the World Cup is on. Perfect day to rest.

Yesterday, as I was biking up a hill, a heard a car slowly driving behind me but not passing me. It was a double yellow line, but it definitely was safe to pass me. Finally I turned around and saw they had a camera out their window taking a picture of me. Wow, I’m famous! They probably want my autograph too. Then I turned around again and realized they weren’t taking a picture of me and I looked 100 yards to my right and there was a moose! I grabbed my camera, but the moose ran away. The family pulled up next to me and apologized for spooking the moose. I asked if they would email me the pictures they took. The wife asked for my email but the husband said he had to move because there was a car behind. So they drove off.

I continued cycling up the hill and when I reached the top I saw the family parked up ahead waiting for me! Unbelievable. I gave them my info and Lori Ann Orcutt (originally from New Rochelle) sent me the pics below!

So I ended yesterday’s blog with “things are looking better”. Well they really were. Jon Cohan’s friend Joel Lockwood picked me up in town and brought me to his house. This was a major change of scenery for me. See pictures below of the view from their house and a pic of their house. Joel and his wife Gaye set me up in their guest house and then took me to their golf club for dinner! I told them I’m staying for the month!

This morning Gaye made me waffles with chocolate chips and huckleberries! Delicious! Huckleberries are prized possessions out here. They only grow wild in the woods. No one has figured out how to grow them. So people are very proud of how many huckleberries they pick. And they dish them out very sparingly!

Tomorrow I will attempt to cycle up Going to the Sun Road