All posts for the day June 16th, 2014

The “tradition”is to ceremonially dip your rear tire into the Pacific Ocean and the when you reach the other side of the country you dip your front wheel in the Atlantic.
Well the problem I have is that it is too beautiful here and I think I am just going to stay.
Forecast for today is rain, but my route should be a relatively easy 60 miles towards the cascade Mtns




Anacortes WA to MarbleMount WA
76 miles
8 1/2 hours travel time
6 hrs saddle time

A couple of interesting experiences for day 1
First, most of you know that I am a stereotypical type A personality. So if I need to get from point A to point B, I’m going to find the most direct expeditious route. And my cycling friends know I don’t enjoy zig and zag routes. I like to just follow a road and get into the zen of riding without having to figure out where to turn next. However, I’m using maps from Adventure Cyclists, a non profit I have subscribed to on and off since the 80s. Their routes take you on the more scenic, safe, less congested roads. So this morning, 10 miles into my ride I had a choice to make. Stay on rte 20 for the whole ride or follow the Adventure Cycling map. I decided that this adventure is not about getting to the end, but enjoying the ride along the way. So next thing I know I’m on some meandering beautiful bike path through farm country. Probably added a few miles to my trip, but well worth the views
Second thing that happened is that my phone and GPS started acting up. My phone is in a Lifeproof Case to keep out the rain, but somehow the water impacted the screen and everything went funky. So I pulled out the adventure Cycling paper maps and went old school
Third thing for day 1 was that a kid, right out of the movie Deliverence pulls up next to me on his bike. I ask him directions to the nearest place to grab lunch and he offers to bike with me to his recommended burger joint , Cascade Burgers. No, he didn’t take me through the woods, it was just a mile on the main road in the direction I was going anyway. But then it gets it really weird. 4 motor cycle riders come in to restaurant. Clean cut guys, not bearded gang like (not that there is anything wrong with that). They end up sitting at the table next to me. I’m listening to their conversation and it is all about different stock trading platforms and various arbitrage strategies! They even were comparing hotels in Asia. I’m in the middle of nowhere and I might as well have been in midtown! The world is getting flatter!