All posts for the day July 11th, 2014

Winner SD to Parkston SD
96 miles
Travel Time 11 hours
Saddle Time 9 hours.

Didn’t have dogs following me today, I had something much worse….a Crysler minivan. More on that later.
The Holiday Inn has a complimentary continental breakfast at 6:30am. I decided to sleep late and enjoy the free meal. It turned out to be a good decision because I forgot I crossed a time zone yesterday and if I tried to get on the road by 5, it would have been too dark. I got started at 7, which was an hour later than the last few days.
Right from the start I knew it wasn’t going to be a good day. The wind was fighting me from the beginning. The problem is that I am over 180 miles from Sioux Falls and I need to get there by Friday evening to greet the Soggy Ducks ( more on that in next blog). I also heard on the weather report this morning that heavy showers for this evening and small chance of tornado. So I was determined to make it to a motel, and there really wasn’t one until 92 miles once you passed Platte at 50. I needed to get to 92 so that Friday I can be close enough to SF.
So I cross the Missouri River (nice milestone) at mile 35 and then head to Platte. On the way I stop to watch a father try to teach their son how to lasso cattle while the mother teaches the daughter to ride the ponies. I was on the highway and they waived me over to get a better look.
I then passed the White Only section for cattle. Very disappointing to still see this!
I made it to Platte to try some local cuisine at Subway. In front of me on line was a family with two boys, Cameron age 10 and Andy age 8. Cameron peppered me with questions about my ride. Distances, states, speeds, wind conditions,gear…. After lunch he came and inspected my bike. He gave me the thumbs up. I got on the road but noticed I was immediately followed by a white minivan, for two miles, on the shoulder! The family from Subway pulled aside me and informed me that they have to run an errand back at Platte, but they are heading my direction and will probably see me in a while. Sure enough, a few miles later, they were on my tail again. Then they pulled alongside and Cameron had some more questions that he had been building up to ask. He has promised to follow my blog and comment, let’s see.
It took 11 hours fighting the wind, but I made it to a $39 a night motel. I didn’t even have energy to go get dinner. I hope I wake up tomorrow with rejuvenated legs to get me to SF for the big weekend.