All posts for the day July 31st, 2014

Day 46
Havertown PA to Voorhees NJ
29 miles
Travel Time 5:30
Saddle Time 2:30

Got to spend yesterday afternoon and evening with my old friends the Amdurs, or at least the better half, Rachael and Jeremy. Rach had left the key to her house for me, and I got to relax in their backyard. She came home early from work and we had a ton of time to catch up. Then we grabbed Jeremy and headed out for a delicious sushi dinner followed by frisbee catching exhibition by Stella. And of course frozen yogurt to conclude evening activities.

This morning I had breakfast with “Bobby” Nadeem Bezar. A high school friend that I haven’t seen in 32 years. We have been FB friends and he has been a vocal supporter of my blog. Fun catching up with him. We had played varsity baseball together and he shared with me that when he was coaching kid’s baseball he use to refer to “how Kenny Fuirst played second base”. He said I would get down on one knee (which you are not supposed to do) but that I would never let a ball get by. And the kids use to refer the Kenny Fuirst stance! Ironically, I remember playing 3rd and outfield, not second base. But I trust Bobby’s memory more than mine.

I get asked a lot (from my guy friends) how is it to go 7 weeks without the warm comfort of my wife. Well with only one day left, I couldn’t hold back any more. I found an escort! Coincidently I met Ariel at the house on Smedley Street that Sue and I first lived in when we lived in Philly. I didn’t need Ariel to escort me around the world, I just needed to get to the Ben Franklin Bridge. She got me most of the way there and just gave me directions on how to finish. But like most people in her profession, she was a rip off artist. I got to the bridge but the ramp she sent me to was closed for construction. I had to bike a few blocks around to approach the bridge from the north to get on the other ramp. Got over bridge only to discover that Governor Christie had built stairs on the NJ side! Bastard! BTW, Ariel claims to be an unemployed graphic designer who graduated from Vassar. Does she think I was born yesterday?

So there was no “Welcome to NJ” sign when I arrived on Camden side of bridge. But as I was standing there trying to figure safest way to quickly get out of Camden, when Paul showed up. He said he worked with Natasha and she was a big cyclist and could give me directions. He said his office was around the corner at the Rutgers Camden campus. I literally followed him down an alley to their offices. They are Urban Studies professors. Natasha is from Germany and we spent some time discussing how cultures outside America encourage people to take journeys and walk abouts!

I am getting a lot more thumbs up and honks from drivers as I get closer to LBI. I had one women, Susan, follow me into a parking lot because she wanted to hear about my trip. I have 60 miles for my final day tomorrow.