All posts for the day July 30th, 2014

Day 45
Lancaster PA to Havertown PA
58 miles
Travel Time 6 hours
Saddle Time 4:30 hours

I’m really stretching these last few days out. A real easy, beautiful ride today thru PA country side, and mostly in the shade! The roads I selected had great shoulders. The ones near Lancaster were worn down from the Amish carriages! Saw lots of Amish on their wagons and scooters heading to work early this morning. Also spotted a hot air balloon taking off in the distance.

Tomorrow I’m going to bike thru Philly and get closer to LBI for the final time trial on Friday. Anyone in the area is more than welcome to come to the finish, which should be around lunchtime Friday. Just let me know. I better get there soon because my bike is falling apart. Today my rear blinking warning light must have fallen off at some point. And my bike fell over at one spot and the handlebar phone holder broke. Thank god for mini bungees!

Had more visitors to my bedroom last night. This time cats!

Two addendum’s to yesterday’s blog.
1)If you go to day 23 at you will see the poem the CT cyclist wrote about our encounter. Keep in mind that the blog is written by his wife who rides in the car each day!
2) I’m embarrassed to admit that I referred to the hay as bushels not bales! I need to bike back to the Midwest to continue my education. The reason why the bales are round is because the technology allows the large round ones to be more tightly wound, which keeps the air out of the middle and prevents spoiling the hay. However, farmers have difficulty stacking the round ones. So new exciting farm equipment now can make even larger bales, in a rectangular shape!