All posts for the day July 19th, 2014

Gilman IL to Frankfort IN
102 miles
Travel Time 10 hours
Saddle Time 8 hours

Not much to report. Thought I could make it to friends house in Indianapolis, but what I thought would be a long 130 miles was in reality closer to 150. Too much for me so I stopped and saved the balance for tomorrow.
One guy pulled up next to me as I was cycling to inquire about my trip. He had done some distance cycling. It became unsafe driving next to me so he took off. But he was waiting for me a mile up the road to make sure I had the right directions. Pic of him.
Passed huge ConAgra Popcorn plant. Makes Orville Redenbacker, Act II, Jiffy Pop, and many other brands.

A few of you asked me my daily routine. Here is what I do most evenings:

– buy chocolate milk and Gaterade as I approach destination and drink them upon completion of cycling
– write down data from GARMIN and phone about days trip before batteries run out and data disappears
– log in to any possible wifi network because it could take up to an hour for pictures to make it from phone to IPad
– plug in phone, iPad, GARMIN into portable charger. Or if in hotel, charge all those and recharge charger. Due to my phone running multiple GPS functions, it needs to be recharged   halfway thru every day.
– stretch
– shower
– wash clothing and hang them out to dry
– spend 1-2 hours writing blog. Typing on iPad is a nightmare. Transferring photos is painstaking. And WordPress sometimes loses everything I just wrote (I hit the wrong button and   goodbye to an hours worth of work)
– eat dinner
– layout clothes for next day
– pack up bike so little to do in morning
– eat dinner
– sit with multiple maps and plan next days route
– hopefully go to bed by 9