All posts for the day July 29th, 2014

Day 44
Gettysburg PA to Lancaster PA
78 miles
Travel Time 10 hours
Saddle Time 5:30

Easy riding day.

Crossed the Susquehanna River, saw Susquehanna bank, Susquehanna antiques, and Susquehanna flowers. No sighting of the hat company!

Here is an example of why the people I have met have defined my journey. As I was getting close to Lancaster I get a text from Scott Rice. Scott and Cindy were the people that hosted me in Pittsburgh, parents of Matt’s college friend Jon. Scott asks how my ride is going and whether I have housing for Lancaster. I respond that ride is going well but I don’t have a place lined up yet. A few minutes later he says he has a couple of possibilities, but dont “hold my breathe”. 15 minutes later, “I’ve got some interest”. Then a few minutes later he gives me the address and phone number of Suellen and Butch Mencer. I call Suellen and this is when I learn that she went to high school with Scott, but that they haven’t seen each other in 35 years!!! They have been FB friends and last communicated a few years ago….Awkward! But they were great hosts. And best of all, Butch is an engineer specializing in farm equipment. So Michael M, I got more answers on why some bushels are round and some square!

My soggy duck friend Steve called. He summed up my feelings on for these final days. “I’m happy that this is almost finished, but sad that this will end”. ( or something like that)

I also got an email from Jen, the wife of the CT man that we saw biking Portland to Portland. She was driving each day ahead of him. She has been following my blog and sees many similarities in our journeys and they would like to compare notes when we both return. Their blog is He wrote a poem about our encounter on Day 26.

I got to Lancaster expecting to spend the day searching out the Amish. But instead, I found the downtown really interesting with some great galleries. So I searched out a bike store to have them do a final tune up and watch my bike as I walked around.

Biked past ACME’s big competitor.