All posts for the day July 26th, 2014

Day 41
Gibsonia PA to Laughlintown PA
Miles 66
Travel Time 11 hours
Saddle Time 6 hours

Today I had tough decisions to make. I basically have two options with roads. Either the quiet, beautiful, windy, hilly back country roads. Or the more direct, highly trafficked, small garbage infested shouldered main highways with rolling hills. While riding the back roads I have to constantly stop to recheck directions. And many of the hills were over 10% incline including one today that was a 21% climb. My first 40 miles, mostly on back roads, took 6 hours! But it was safer. While I used back roads to avoid downtown Pittsburgh, I really only have main roads to get me going east to Philly. I’ll be on rte 30 for next few days.

Barry did meet me for breakfast. He timed it perfectly to catch up to me just as I was going thru the town of Oakmont (home of the famous golf course).

When I stopped to eat my lunch outside a Walgreens, a guy Randy walked up to me to talk. He had done some bike touring in Maine and Vermont. He gave me some info on the roads and MTns I am going to be on. He also mentioned that I might hit a lot of traffic in 10 miles because I will be passing Steelers Training Camp. Well I couldn’t resist that. I biked there and waited over an hour for the players to hit the field. But in respect for Uncle Allen, I couldn’t just bike by.