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Spent Saturday with the Soggy Ducks. Sunday heading to Iowa.
A this point I have cycled close to 2,000 miles. Yeah, I’m halfway there! Ugh, I’m only half way there!
Here are some thoughts and answers to your questions on my journey so far. And also an invitation to a beach party for you and your family on projected finish date.

The trip has been exceeding my expectations so far. The landscape has been beautiful everywhere. Whether the MTns in Cascades and Glacier or the flats in MT and SD, it has all been fun to ride thru. SD has been Surprisingly beautiful.

But meeting the people has been the highlight. Whether it has been the people that opened their homes to me, or the random people I meet along the way, these conversations have made the trip. That is probably what makes the middle of th

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Sioux Falls SD to Spirit Lake IA
89 miles
Travel Time 7 hours
Saddle Time 6:15
470 miles this week
1,972 miles over 4 weeks

A great day riding. Wind at my back and my friends riding with me. (Two in minivan geocaching, and one alternating cycling). I finished up at the home of the brother of Pam from the office! Not Pam from The Office. Pam Cerny, from my office, grew up here in Iowa (which explains the corn stalks growing around her cubicle). She hooked me up with her family to stay with!

Today I passed a guy, from CT biking west from Portland Maine to Portland Oregon. He wasn’t carrying any gear. It turns out his wife drives ahead and finds a hotel for them, and he bikes all day. Interesting!

Ok, so I’m halfway home. Sue and I are thinking of throwing a day long party on my arrival at long Beach Island NJ. Depending on whether I go to Cleveland or not, and depending on the wind, and depending on a bunch of other factors, I might be home Saturday Aug 9th. LBI is 2 and half hours from Westchester NY, if you leave at the recommended 7am on a Saturday. We will be supplying all the food and drink, breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you think you and your family would be interested in a day at the beach, please EMAIL Sue and myself by this Wed. And. This is just tentative at this point and we are not asking for commitment, just a sense of how many would consider coming.