All posts for the day July 4th, 2014

Thursday ( I have posted mon-wed and added photos to War Games)

Melstone MT to Forsyth MT
67 Miles
Travel Time 7 hrs
Saddle Time 6 hrs

Last night was a though one. I went to sleep at 9 in the little park, but at 1am my tent was getting hit by hard wind gusts. I thought the worst so I jumped out. But when I stood up, the wind wasn’t that bad. It is just the wind really shakes these small tents. I considered moving the tent to behind the concrete bench, but the wind was hitting there too. So I went back I to the tent. As I lay there I wondered if the town had any early tornado warning systems. I know my iPhone will alert me at home if there will be a cloud overhead. I didn’t know if Connie or Hause would know a storm was coming or whether they would think of notifying me. I decided to move my wallet, phone and iPad next to the tent door in case I had to make a quick escape. I slowly fell back asleep.
A few days ago I was wondering why I have been lugging around the tent and gear. I had only used it once. Well, I just slept in it three nights in a row and I’m sure I’ll have more nights in it.
I got on the road early to beat this heat. I figured if the wind was at my back, I would shoot past the “big” town of Forsyth and give up on a motel, and go a little father. But as soon as I hit the road I realized the wind was in my face. So for the next 66 miles I just looked down and pushed hard. The pedaling is hard, but it is really a stress on my shoulders and neck when I am not sitting upright
There are birds that like to fly next to me when I cycle by. They get really close and fly at my pace next to me. I figure they have their own blog and discuss racing cyclists. I can’t stop and take pictures, because they fly away. But today I tried to get a shot of them when I cycled. Not a good picture. One of them was successful in dropping a gift on me. I’m sure his blog will get a lot of hits tonight!
Every few miles for the last two days I have past bee farms. You can see these structures coming from a mile back because their shape sticks out from the landscape. They are usually a hundred feet back from the road. As I approach I switch to the other side of the road, keep my mouth closed, and pedal hard. There are always a couple of bees shooting across the road at that point.
I made it Forsyth and passed on the HOWDY hotel because no Wifi. The motel I am staying at has a laundry room, which I was happy to use for my blue shirt!
Next few days I might be out of communication. Hope to make it to Rapid City SD on Sunday. Take a day off on Monday and see Mt Rushmore. Have a happy 4th!