All posts for the day July 22nd, 2014

Celina OH to Tiffin OH
107 Miles
Travel Time 10 hours
Saddle Time 7:20 hours

Let me describe how generous these Warm Shower hosts can be. Yesterday, I alerted my host, Hans, that I was 10 miles from his house. He emailed me back that there are signs on his road saying the road is closed, but that I should ignore them and walk my bike around the construction. As I approached the construction zone I spotted someone biking towards me from the other side. I realize it’s Hans coming to make sure I have no issues getting to his home.

Yesterday’s blog described the great dinner meal Joan made last night. Then this morning I wake up to a spread of cereals and juice waiting for me. I get to do a mixture of cereals in one bowl (something Abby and I always compete on). Plus, Joan has baked me chocolate chip cookies for my journey. Finally, Hans bikes with me to town at 6am to give me a tour and to get me to Walmart to load up on my daily groceries! This is what makes this trip so special!
Staying with other Warm Shower hosts tonight, Chris and Rebecca and their two children.

On a down note, today I had my scariest cycling experience so far. I was riding on the small shoulder of the road when a big truck went by me very quickly and extremely close too. When large trucks pass, the wind gust always gives you a nice boost. But in this case, the gust pushed me off the road. Thank god there was gravel there and I was able to come to a safe stop. I caught my breathe and biked a few miles and then saw the same truck parked in the shade on the side of the road. I went up to the driver and told him he almost killed me and that I was almost swept into his wheels. He started to say I shouldn’t be on these roads (not true) and then he said he couldn’t see me (not true). I argued with him some more and then biked on. A few miles up the road he passed me again… a much slower speed!

Haven’t seen that much new interesting stuff on the road. I saw a lot of homes with small man made ponds in front of their homes that I think they use for swimming. But they are all next to farms so I can’t believe there isn’t run off from the farms into the ponds. Also the ponds are usually decorated with strange items around the borders. I will try to get a better picture tomorrow.
Also saw an A frame home in the middle of Ohio.