All posts for the day July 25th, 2014

Cleveland OH to Gibsonia PA
110 Miles
Travel Time 12 hours
Saddle Time 9 hours

Picture of Jane and her girls from last night. Jane drove us 3 hours away (felt that way) to show off a town that she thought would be interesting for me to see (looked like any CT town). But the ice cream was delicious. Jane’s girls were a delight at dinner and loved hearing my stories about Jane in high school, including the years she was in a gang. I got to learn that both girls are excellent violinists and one of them just performed in an orchestra that was back up to Ben Folds! Listen to it during our 5 hour drive.

Today I learned where corn oil comes from…see pic

My difficult choice today was if I made it this far, where should I stay? Option 1, Barry Shepard, the best man at my wedding. Option two, Cindy and Scott Rice, the parent’s of one of Matt’s closest friends from college. They live 3 miles from each other. Decision: The Rices. This trip is about meeting new people when you have the opportunity. Had a great time and a very filling Italian dinner.

Tomorrow, Barry is going to follow Where’s Ken app on this Blog and track me down for breakfast. Major rain coming my way.